After a long research, test and development process, we are proud to present our new generation of 3D-printed mouthpieces, made of a wonderful and newly available material consisting of a mix of plastic and ceramic.

This high-definition, allergy-free and extremely resistant material feels more like ceramic than plastic but has noteworthy resistance properties (see video bellow).

We produce „standard soprano cornetto" mouthpieces in various sizes and can also develop and produce personalized models according to the player’s request. Perfetti are designed to use normal cornetto mouthpieces.

Mouthpieces are very personal and there is no model which suits every player. Furthermore, the best fitting mouthpiece for an individual player tends to change during his or her technical development (or even from day to day). Cornetto players which have experience playing the trumpet tend to prefer larger mouthpieces while others tend to like smaller ones. Most players tend to feel comfortable with mouthpieces somewhere between 12 and 13 mm. wide (inner cup diameter), and these sizes can almost be adviced as standard ones. Some players, nevertheless, play at best with mouthpieces as tiny as 9 mm. or as large as 15 mm. in diameter.

If you need traditional animal horn mouthpieces please contact the masters in the field:

  • Matthew Jennejohn (Canada):
  • Ulfert Dochhorn (Germany):
  • Serge Delmas (France):
  • John McCann (USA):
  • Andrea Inghisciano (Italy):
  • Christoph Schuler (Switzerland):
  • Sam Goble (UK): Sam Goble
  • Christopher Monk Instruments (UK):
  • Romera Brass (Spain):

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